Our Story

Filipino Flavours to the World.

Our passion to bring Filipino flavours to the global stage starts here at Guildford Town Centre, Surrey, Canada.

As a team, we believe that Philippine cuisine is here to shine brighter and we are making that happen by offering our sumptuous snack menu to a wider market.

So in the middle of Vancouver summer in 2023, we came up with the crazy idea to perfect our recipes, taste-tested them multiple times and then package them proudly to bring them to you.

Halo-halo is our signature product with our flavoured sorbet at the bottom to all the luscious toppings that seem unending. With Halo-halo literally means “mix-mix” in the Filipino language, and with it’s delicious ingredients and toppings, Mixylicious was born.

Our Flavours will Remind you of Home.

Distinctly Filipino Flavours.

Philippine Cuisine in A Snack.

We have thought long and hard to come up with the tastiest way to bring your favourite dishes in the form of your familiar snacks.

We asked around what would be the best way to put together the best tasting dishes in the Philippines and transform them into snacks.

Then Empanada and Spring Rolls were born. From classics such as Pork Adobo to Sisig and from Beef Tapa to Caldereta.

Our team is so proud of what we created and we wanted to share that with you. Our vision is to be a part of your journey in exploring Filipino flavours in the world stage. We do appreciate your feedback and recommendations so we can better serve you in the future. Thank you.

Proudly Filipino Flavours.